Our Top 3 Favorite Iron Fences!

Over the last 10 years that we have been in business we have worked on dozens of projects for our customers all over the Sacramento region, and during this time we have hand made a number if really cool iron fences. These fences have ranged from simple and elegant to creative and eye catching, but all have made a beautiful addition to our customers homes.

However, there have been a few that have stood out to us as we’ve been looking through pictures and we want to share with you our favorite 3 of the pictures that we have. They are all different and unique in their own way, but they are a mix of some of our best work that inspired us and may inspire the next fence for your home!

Wrought iron fence

The Minimalist

We chose to spotlight this fence because of its simple elegance. It is minimalistic, gives great visibility of our clients beautiful home and we like the accents on the top of fence. It all adds great symmetry to this house and creates a uniform look from the outside. You don’t need a lot of create beauty for your home. To all you minimalists out there, this ones for you!

Custom Metal Fence

The Wall Flower

You may have seen pictures of this fence in other blogs or on our Facebook page and that’s because we love this picture and this fence! It’s simple like the previous fence, but the customer wanted us to add the beautiful, flowing floral design to bring their gate up a notch. And, the brick between fence panels really seals the deal. If you’re into the flowing, aesthetic designs, you should definitely ad a floral element to your next iron fence!


The Barracks

Lastly, we have what we lovingly named “the Barracks.” The reason we gave that name to this fence is because of how sturdy and strong the design of this one looks. With the strong curves and large natural rock posts, this is a beast of a fence. Its exudes strength and makes you’re house like one of the castles you can visit in Europe. This is definitely one of our favorite fences. If you’re somebody who wants a strong home that makes an impression, add a fence like this one!

Overall, these are our top 3 favorite fences and hopefully now you can see why! If any of these fences aligned with your vision of the fence you’re wanting for your home, give us a call and we would love to see what can do for you!