Our Top 5 Favorite Railings

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Over the years of designing custom made iron fences, gates, spiral staircases and railings, we have made a large variety of different designs for our customers. We have had simple, complex, tall, short and everything in between because each house and each project is different. However, we have had a number of our iron railings that have stuck out to us as projects that we believe embody the plethora of different railing option there are and we have put them together in this blog post to help you think outside the box and see the range of possibilities that are available for your next railing.

  1. The Domestic Home

Copy of R6.jpg

This iron railing stood out to us for two reasons. First, because it is white which is unusual for us, surprisingly. And, Second, because it had such an old fashioned design, which is why we named this railing “The Domestic Home".” It has so much elegance and class that it reminds us of the 60’s when times were simpler. We think that this is a great fit if you are looking to add simple, clean elegance to your home.

Also, we didn’t make them, but the dark wood stairs are a great addition and add amazing contrast to the overall design of this porch.

The Contemporary


This railing gets the name “The contemporary” because it is the railing that you would see going up to a beautiful new office building or contemporary home. Adding the wire between the top of the railing and the ground adds a sleek, futuristic look that reminds of you of what we thought the future would look like in the Back to the Future Movies. This railing design creates a very fluid and simple environment that is great for any new customer walking into a business or a new friend walking up to your new, contemporary home. Additionally, having the rough cut stone or other such design elements that you see in the picture above is a great compliment to this kind of railing.

The Book-Ends


What we liked about these railings that we installed was that they are simple, with subtle scrolls at each end. Its a very subtle way to take something that would otherwise be boring and add some beauty to it. These type of design elements are great to a small business or home that you may wish to keep more simple so that other elements can stand out. It creates a good initial atmosphere without taking too much of the onlookers attention away from the things that you want them to be looking at, such as your new landscaping, porch, or even your new home!

The Garden


The interesting part about these railings is that the whole goal is to make them as simple as possible. We don’t have extra rails, scrolls, balusters or any other design elements, but instead we have just simple, flowing rails to add to the elegance of this backyard. The goal with these type of railings is to serve the purpose of railing, without taking away fro the overall beauty of everything else. We want to add without taking away. These types of railings are great for houses or businesses that have great landscaping or if you have a home garden. They are able to provide you the safety of a railing while still allowing your guests to see all the rest of the beauty that you have worked so hard to create.

Welcome to the Party


Lastly, we have the railings that we named “welcome to the party” because of the wide open space that they provide due to their angle and the overall size of this porch. The reason we named it this is because the overall design and layouts makes it seem warm, inviting and able to fit a large crowd. The next time this house has a party they definitely won’t have any issue with their guests getting in and with Halloween coming up they better be prepared to serve a while lot of Trick-or-Treater’s all at once. Having a lot of space between the railings and angles slightly outward really creates this inviting feel and if you have a house or business that will be hosting large groups of people or having parties, it would pay to use these design elements in your home.