How Much Do Iron Gates Cost? - Iron Gate Cost

Our customers frequently as us: What is the price of an iron gate? Well, if we’re working on an Iron Gate, a number of different factors go into the overall cost of an iron gate. Below is a list of the factors that we consider when calculating the price of your iron gate:

1. The Price of Iron

Iron Prices are constantly fluctuating and as a result, how much it costs for us to buy it changes from job to job. Sometimes it may be higher, sometimes it may be lower and there is really nothing that we can do to control it. However, we do have to price around it.  We do everything that we can to make sure that our providers are offering the best value in their industry and other than that just have to see what the price of iron is at the time that we buy the iron to create your gate.

2. How Much Iron Needs to be Used

Based on what type of job you want, the amount of iron needed to complete it would change. If you need an iron fence to go around an acre of property versus 8 acres of property then the price would obviously change. This is why we often charge a price per foot rate to be sure that the pricing scales appropriately to the job. Additionally, if you want a gate that has a lot of floral accents, that would require more iron to create and therefore has an impact on the price as well. 

2. The Complication of the Design

The price can also change depending on how complicated the gate you want is. If you want an iron gate that has a lot of floral accents, that would be more than a standard gate as we have to buy more iron, as mentioned before, and our craftsmen will have to spend more time on your gate to create the beautiful designs you're wanting. But, of course, it's well worth it to get that beautiful custom gate that perfectly fits the personality of you and your home. 

3. Where it Has to be Installed

Lastly, the complication of the install has an impact on the price of your project as well. If we need to install an Iron gate, Iron Railing or Iron fence on a property with uneven surfaces, hills, or with concrete that we have to drill through, then that would be more difficult and require more time than a project done on a flat surface. The reason being is that we also have an hourly installation fee to account got the differences in the complexity of the job.

Overall the main factors that go into pricing and affect the total are the hourly rates of our craftsmen, the hourly rate of our installers, and the amount of iron that needs to be used for your project. Because there are so many moving parts, there is really no way to determine the exact price of your project unless you get an estimate which we offer for free. As a result,  if you do have an interest in an iron gate or any other projects for your home, you can email us at to schedule a time to have a get that free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!