The Story Behind Irish Iron

In the Sacramento Area, Irish Iron has become one of the go-to companies for custom metal gates, doors, railings and fences, but how did we get here? 

It all began because our owner, Bill, was put into a situation where he had to provide for his family and making custom Iron Gates and fences is what he knew how to do best. After being fired from his previous job for getting a bagel, Bill decided to start Irish Iron out of the backyard of the 2 bedroom apartment he was living in with his family. He had been previous experience with this kind of work and knew that if he could just get it in front of customers, they would love it. As a result, he spent his time building beautiful, handmade iron gates and fences, custom made for each customer. 

Since then the company has grown to new heights! We now have a small team that is helping us to serve even more clients all around the Sacramento Region. We have also expanded the work we from mainly gates and railings to everything from Iron Gates, to Iron doors, to fences, spiral staircases and more! We’ve had hundreds of customers and even had the chance to do some big jobs for industrial and apartment complexes!

However, the most important questions, why did he name the company Irish Iron? The answer is simple. Whenever Bill is asked why he names the company Irish iron he says “Well, I’m Irish and I’m proud to be!” Coming from a family that has always been proud of their Irish roots, he couldn’t think of any other way to honor that than to put it into the name of his business. And, now that he’s a bit older, he’s got the red beard to go with it!

Overall, Irish Iron is truly a grassroots company built right here in the great city of Sacramento. We’re excited to continue to serve our customers and grow our business in this region.