What Damages Does Your Insurance Cover?

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We know that an ornamental iron fence or gate is an investment in the value/security of your home and as a result, a question that comes up often is whether or not damages to it would be covered by your insurance company. Because of the investment that our customers make, this is definitely a question worth getting answered as you can’t  always control what happens. It’s important to know if and when your insurance would cover repairs or replacements. As a result, we wanted to give you a quick outline of the things that can happen that are covered so that you can be better equipped to know whether or not you can file a claim in the instance of damage.

Overall, the answer to whether or not insurance will cover the repairs or replacement is yes as long as its damage that occurs by natural or unpreventable causes that I will list and go into a bit more detail about below. The insurance that you would usually file a claim under would be your homeowner's insurance and these kinds of damages are covered under the “Other structures” aspect of your policy.

1. Storm Damage

First of all, we have storm damage which seem like one the most obvious potential sources of damage for your iron fence or gate. Although it is unlikely that the pure force of wind or rain from a Sacramento storm will do any real damage to your wrought iron fence or gate, if any damage does occur, it will be covered under your homeowner's insurance.

2. Tree Damage

Second, and somewhat connected the first, we have damages that occur as a result of trees or other structures falling on or damaging your wrought iron fence/gate. These type of damages are usually covered under your homeowner's insurance, however, there are instances where it can get tricky. If it is found that the damage from a tree happened as a result of improper care or clean up of dead trees or negligence on your part (ie. cutting off a limb of the tree and it damaging your fence) it would not be covered by your insurance. If the damages occur from a storm or negligence on the part of someone else, it is indeed covered by either your insurance or the insurance of the negligent party.

3. Vandalism

Vandalism of your fence is also covered by insurance. This problem usually is more of an issue with solid fences such as wood structures, but it does also apply here in case anyone ever decides to try and vandalize your fence or gate. The insurance for this kind of event would mainly be to cover up or replace the parts that were vandalized. If you happen to catch the vandalizer, they can be liable to pay the damages as well.

4. Car Accident

Lastly, there are car accidents and other damages inflicted by the negligence of others. These type of incidents are going to most likely to be covered by the insurance of the person who is at fault, however, you need to be sure to collect their insurance information.  Depending on if you are located along a busy street or not, this is more or less likely to happen, but none the less, you need to be sure you know what action to take in the instance that someone does crash into your fence/gate. One of the things that iron gates and fences are great for is stopping those type of hits and keeping you and your family safe, but you want to make sure that you get it repaired as soon as possible to make sure that it is back to full capacity and ready if anything else like that ever happens again.

This pretty much covers the main categories of damage that can be inflicted on your wrought iron fence/gate that is covered by insurance. I’m sure there are a few more, but this should give you enough of what you need to be able to know if you need to file a claim with your insurance if your property has been damaged or at least good for you to know in the future.

If I were to put it simply, if the damage occurred as a result of a natural cause or the negligence of someone else, it is most likely covered by insurance. If it happened as a result of something you did then it most likely isn’t.

If you have had fence or gate damaged and are looking for a company to replace it, or if you are just looking into getting a new fence or gate and happened upon this article, feel free to give us a call at 916-620-8618 to schedule a time for us to come out and give you a free estimate!