How to Get the Best Quality Iron Gate for the Lowest Possible Price

Installing a wrought iron gate on your property will add immediate value. Wrought iron gates add a higher level of sophistication to any property. These beautifully ornate and precision designed gates depict entry points, while attracting focal points to a specific area of your property.

Wrought iron gates are available in many sizes and configurations. Your decision to install a wrought iron gate should not be taken lightly. There are many factors to take into consideration to ensure the highest quality gate for the lowest possible price.

There are many qualified, professional manufacturers and installers of wrought iron gates available. There are also those individuals that use "shortcuts"  using lower grade  “unacceptable materials” and assembly practices to increase the proverbial “bottom line.”

Become familiar with the following "shortcuts" used in wrought iron gate design manufacturing and installation.

Manufacturer/Contractor Selection

A primary area where most homeowners fail to educate themselves thoroughly. Local contractors or installers are always preferred. Use the Internet or the many home improvement websites to gather information on your selection of contractor or installer

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is another valuable source of information that offers “free” advice on a multitude of professions. Do your homework and select a minimum of three installers or contractors in your immediate area. Never settle for one contractor or installer regardless of reputation or “word-of-mouth” advertising from friends’ relatives or neighbors.

Bidding Process

Contractors and installers should be more than willing to submit “free” bids for the manufacturing and installation of your new wrought iron gate. Be aware of those that require a form of payment for the submission of a proposal. Immediately cross these individuals off your list.

Ask questions concerning the manufacturing and installation process of your new wrought iron gate. Contractors and installers should be able to answer all questions in a clear and concise tone of voice that is easy to understand. Ask for clarification when needed.

Gate Specifications

With a design in mind, ask your choice of contractors or installers for a copy of the specifications for the model of your new wrought iron gate.  Specifications should include all dimensions, heights, and material to be used in the manufacturing and construction of your new wrought iron gate.

All parties involved with the construction and installation of your wrought iron gate should provide a detailed drawing of your gate design, professionally prepared. Never accept pencil drawings or specifications that appear haphazardly drawn on a piece of paper.

Gate Construction

To the untrained eye, “shortcuts” represent a total disregard for quality and craftsmanship. Common “shortcuts” used in wrought iron gate construction include:

·         Welding two posts to the end of a gate section and call it a gate. Never, Never, Never

·         Cross bracing on wider gates that are merely band-aids and not acceptable

·         Using rivets or screws to connect pickets to the rails. (Rails are the horizontal piece, and pickets are the upright pieces. Wrought iron gate construction uses no screws or rivets

·         Welding of the pickets to the face or back of the rail. Weak, poor construction

·         Stamped steel gate brackets, not wrought iron. Steel is not wrought iron

·         Plastic, aluminum or steel stamped post caps (if used) Never acceptable under any circumstance

Detailed specifications for the manufacturing and installation of your new wrought iron gate should include the materials that are used, including the smallest of intricate hardware to be used, if any. Never accept inferior grade materials that appear similar to wrought iron.

Warranty Information

All reputable manufacturers and installers offer warranties on their manufacturing processes, including installation. Paying close attention to the terminology or wording in the applied warranty is crucial. Talk to a representative of the company that you have chosen with questions concerning the warranty on your new wrought iron gate.

Take note of implied items that are “not covered” under warranty. Homeowners commonly make mistakes accepting stipulations on what is and what is not covered. The widely used term "Lifetime" often has many different meanings and should be clearly defined and understood.

In Summation

Full comprehension on what is involved with the manufacturing and installation of your wrought iron gate will produce the highest quality wrought iron gate that at the lowest possible cost. Be aware of those individuals that take advantage of any given situation and “cut corners” when no one is looking. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence.

Becoming familiar with the knowledge and understating of every aspect in the designing, manufacturing, and installation of your wrought iron gate will produce the best quality iron gate at the lowest possible price.