6 Costly Misconceptions About Iron Gates

Wrought iron gates date back to the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century. Today, there remain many misconceptions surrounding the use of wrought iron gates for residential and commercial applications.

Wrought Iron gates have always been associated with high society surrounding the homes of millionaires and million-dollar properties, but times have changed. Homeowners owners today are starting to realize that our wrought iron entry and driveway gates serve as an ideal entry focal point for your home and property adding beautiful curb appeal and a higher level of security.

Erase the misconceptions about wrought iron gates and driveway gates and discover the advantages of our wrought iron gates that were once clouded by misleading information of the past including;

1). Cost

We offer a wide variety of wrought iron gates for both residential and commercial properties. Choose from in-stock models to highly crafted designs, with your own personal touches.

A common misconception is often associated with our wrought iron gates is the associated cost. When compared dollar-to-dollar, our wrought iron gates are actually less expensive than wood or vinyl gates. Wood and vinyl gates will require replacement and frequent maintenance while our wrought iron gates have a life expectancy of sixty-years.

No wood or vinyl gate can even begin to make such a claim. Install any of our wrought iron gates once and enjoy the beauty for a lifetime!!

2). Security

There is no better way to secure your personal or commercial property than our wrought iron gates. Our wrought iron gates allow you to see through the gate to get a visual sighting to unsuspecting visitors and, there have been many studies that have shown that slated fences and gates actually reduce your chances of attempted theft or burglary.

With customization options available, install spikes or spears on top of any one of our wrought iron gates for that added sense of security.  Our wrought iron gates provide around the clock security and protection for any given installation and are built to last.

3). Maintenance (Rust)

There is little to no maintenance required on any of our wrought iron gates. We recommend visually inspecting your wrought iron gates once a year. All the necessary maintenance needed of our wrought iron gates is occasional cleaning with soap and water to remove any surface dirt and debris. The beauty of our wrought iron gates will immediately be brought back to "like-new" condition in minutes.

Forget about re-staining or hours of preparation work required for wood gates or replacing damaged sections of vinyl gates. Our wrought iron gates retain their natural beauty in all weather conditions, all year, every year.

4). Entry

The multiple uses of our wrought iron gates have no limitations. Use our gates for pools, patio, garden entry or anywhere you want to focus features and establish a centralized entry focal point. Protect children and pets around pools or gardens and keep your well-manicured lawn in pristine condition and your flowers or vegetables healthy and growing.

Our expert installation team can offer you suggestions and recommendations for the best use of our entry wrought iron gates that are guaranteed to fit perfectly into your existing exterior preferences.

5). Additional Protection

Additional protection is assured with our complete line of wrought iron gates. Protect your home or place of business with a wrought iron gate that offers extra protection for additional assurance of safety and security.

With over 500 home invasions reported each year, just when you think you do not need a wrought iron gate is when you will need the additional protection the most. Don't wait for security issues. Install one of our wrought iron gates today and enjoy the extra security that our wrought iron gates will provide.

6). Lasting Styles

We offer many styles of wrought iron gates, one or more that will match or exceed your present needs. Our residential wrought iron gates can be either free-swinging or installed with security cameras, depending on the size. We work closely with the latest in technology experts to install the best-wrought iron gate with the latest in style and curb appeal.

For driveways or commercial properties, our wrought iron gates can be automatically opened with sensors or remote-controlled with configurations from sliding to swinging in or out, one, two or multiple sections. Styles of our driveway gates can be ornate with gradual sweeping tops or simple designs with vertical balusters'.

Whatever the need, we are here to help you solve all security issues with a wrought iron gate that will continue to represent value and beauty for generations yet to come. Call us today for a free, in-home, no-obligation gate design consultation and experience the beauty and affordability of a wrought iron gate.