The Top 5 Reasons Why We Use Iron

When considering getting a metal gate, fence, railing, staircase or whatever else for your home or business, you tend to have three main options: Aluminum, Steel or Iron. In some cases, companies will use a mixture of 2 or more of them, but for the most part, those are the options you have to choose from. At Irish Iron, we have decided to move to almost exclusively using Iron for the jobs that we do for our clients and below are the top 5 reasons why we did this. We hope this will help you with your decision on what material to use to increase the beauty and security of your home.

1. Iron Provides the Perfect Balance Between Strength and Beauty.

We choose to use Iron for all of our gates, fences, railings, and spiral staircases because this metal is the perfect mix of strength and beauty. Because Iron is slightly softer than other metals commonly used for these jobs, such as steel, it is better for 2 reasons: it is more malleable and can, therefore, be made into the beautiful design that you have in your head. And, it is more capable of absorbing shocks and vibrations which is very good for the safety of your home. If, for instance, your fence was struck by a car, steel would usually just snap, however, iron would bend to absorb the damage. Because of this, it allows us to create beautiful artistry involving curves, unique shapes, and decorative pieces that can't be easily destroyed. (Its like if Picasso had made his paintings fireproof.)

2. Iron Can Be Customized Exactly to Your Needs.

Because Iron is a bit softer, it allows us to have a lot of creative room that allows us to create the beautiful pieces of art that we make for our customers. As a result, our gates are unique to each customer and their personalities. Meanwhile, with other metals, such as steel, you run into the issue of the metal being much harder and therefore harder to shape and mold. This leads to many similar looking pieces, so it wouldn't be uncommon to be driving down the street, see another house and think to yourself “ That gate looks an awful lot like the one I just had installed.”

3. Iron is Great for Home Security.

When people come to us, they usually have two main goals: They want to make their home more beautiful and they want to make their home more secure. So, The reason we recommend Iron for the safety of our clients is because it is the best option for the security of your home. Iron is softer than steel, but harder than aluminum and is capable of withstanding large shocks and vibrations that would either completely bend aluminum or break steel. In addition, if anything like that were to happen, we can replace sections of the fence, gate, railing or stairs relatively easy to get it back to perfection as soon as possible.

4. Iron Adds Value to Your Property.

Because of the beauty and security that Iron Gates, Fences, railings, etc.. bring to your home, they can increase the value of your property if you ever decide to sell it. Because what we create adds a certain charm and beauty to our clients' homes, when they decide to sell their house, it often has increased in value, especially if they live in a neighborhood where the houses surrounding don't have them. Buyers see the added beauty and security and want that for their families.

5. Iron Lasts a Long Time

Because Iron is so resistant to shocks and vibrations, as well as being rust resistant, it is considered to be one of the most durable options. Although Steel is slightly stronger than iron, it is still extremely durable and therefore the value of your investment will last for years to come. Additionally, touch-ups on your gates are quick and easy, so even as it does age, you can keep it looking brand new!

Overall, we have chosen to use Iron for our gates, fences, spiral staircases and railings because we believe that it has the best value for our clients to give them the security and beauty that they want for their homes. If you would like to book a free consultation with us to see if an iron gate, fence, railing or staircase is right for your home, please give us a call at  916-269-0882 or email us at