5 Things to Know Before Buying a Gate

5 Things to Know Before Buying a Gate.png

Have you been wanting to get a new gate for your driveway, backyard, pool, garden or other areas of your home that you wish to protect but aren't sure where to start? Well, this post is for you. Below is a list of the 5 things you need to know to get the perfect new gate for your home and avoid many of the potential pitfalls along the way.

What size gate do you need?

Before getting started with your new gate, it is best t know about what length of the gate you are going to need. Usually, companies like ours will be more than happy to send someone out to you, but it is always helpful to know this before calling. This will help us get you a more accurate quote right off the bat, as well as let you know what type of automation and design features are possible. Knowing a general size will help create a strong foundation from which we will be able to give you the best answers possible and make sure that you get exactly what you need.

Will it have to be installed in concrete or directly in the ground?

Another thing that is great to know is what surface you are wanting to have your new gate installed on. Is it just dirt, concrete, or some other material that we will have to create a hole in to place your gate posts. Knowing this will help us to understand better the complexity of the job and what the overall cost will be. The reason this has an impact is that installing a gate in concrete vs. into the ground requires very different equipment and will take more or less time to complete depending on which it is.

Do You Want it Automated?

Are you going to want your new gate to open automatically or manually? Usually, for driveway gates, the answer is automatic while gate for things such as pools, backyards, and gardens are manual. If this is for a driveway gate and you want it automatic, then you need to think about if you want it to slide open or open in/out like a door. Both are feasible, and what dictates which are best is based on the size of the driveway, how close your house is to the street and, of course, your personal preference.

Having an idea of what you want in this category can be very helpful in making sure that you get exactly what you need and speeding up the process of getting started. Additionally, this can decrease the time to installation there are often parts that have to be ordered with automatic gates.

Do you have an idea of the design you want?

Have you done much research into what kind of design you would like? Whether it be scrolls, floral elements or just a basic gate, it's great to have an idea of what you are wanting beforehand to make sure that you get the most accurate quote possible, that you don't have any regrets and so that we can get started on your project right away.

Two options that I can suggest to find ideas are either Pinterest (just type in wrought Iron Gate ideas, and you’ll get great inspiration) or you can view the gallery page on our website. We have made many different gates that you can look through to get inspired on your perfect gate!

Do you have a budget and/or timeline that you are wanting to stick to?

Lastly, it is always great to know what your ballpark budget and goal timeline is for the project. This helps us make sure that we are on the same page and that we can give you a great quote and know how quickly we need to order materials, as well as how quickly we need to prioritize your gate to make sure it is done right and right on time. Many variables can impact both of these factors, however, knowing the expectations helps us to keep you in the loop and make the best decisions possible.

Overall, being prepared is the best thing you can do before starting the process of getting your new Iron Gate. This is extremely helpful for both you and us as we work together to get the perfect gate for your budget, timeline, and needs. So, before you start the process, make sure you have the answer to these 5, and you will be amazed by how quickly things can get done. Soon enough, you’ll have your new ate installed and ready to protect your home!