How to Avoid 4 Common Iron Gate Rip-offs

Undoubtedly, any wrought iron gate immediately attracts and adds a certain mystic to properties over vinyl and wood gates. Adding instant value to your property, wrought iron gates from the entryway to driveway add a level of sophistication that is unmatched by any other means.

Granted wrought iron gates are more expensive than old-fashioned, less expensive commonly used gates, however, can not replace the true beauty that wrought iron gates offers.

Deciding to purchase a wrought iron gate for your property should be based on numerous factors, including the selection of an appropriate contractor and manufacturer to ensure the highest of quality that is expected.

Far too many times, unsuspecting, trusting consumers have selected a contractor without further investigation into the reputation, and the overall quality of the wrought iron gate produced. This article is intended to point out four little hidden details that unscrupulous contractors do not want you to know.

1). Aluminum Caps Instead of Iron

Aluminum caps make it easier for a contractor to install all wrought iron gates, regardless of size. Aluminum caps may appear to have the same quality, and density of authentic wrought iron caps, however, do not offer the same longevity.

As a point of reference, before signing any wrought iron gate contract, make sure that original wrought iron caps are installed and included in writing on the contract.

2). Caps glued instead of welded

Unique wrought iron gate caps should be welded, not glued. Glued caps are not a part of the standards for any wrought iron gate installation and are unacceptable by any standards. The glue will not bond properly to wrought iron and will eventually loosen, resulting in your iron caps coming loose.

3). Fabrication without Installation

Every aspect of your new wrought iron gate installation should include complete installation, not a partial. Often fabrication shops do not offer installation but rely on qualified contractors to perform the actual installation. Make sure the name of a qualified contractor is stipulated on the contract and check all references of the selected contractor before signing any agreement.

4). Paint instead of Powder Coating

Paint is often substituted for powder coating as a finish to wrought iron gates. Paint is cheaper than powder coating and may resemble an identical appearance. Paint does not adhere to wrought iron gates as effectively as powder coating. The paint will chip, causing rust and a wrought iron gate that is less attractive requiring additional periodic maintenance.

At no time should paint be used on any wrought iron gate.  Make a notation that all wrought iron gates purchased are to be powder coated with your choice of colors. Never settle for anything less than what is required.

Finally, always ask for references of work completed in your immediate area. Contractors often present pictures that are an attractive representation of previous work, which can also be misleading.

Make it a point to visit previous work and talk to the homeowners about their experience in having their wrought iron gate(s) manufactured and installed. It could be an eye-opening or worthwhile visit.

A good point of reference is to view all local wrought iron contractors in the area through an online home improvement website. Qualified and experienced contractors will visit your location and provide a “free” estimate for the manufacturing and installation of your dream wrought iron gate.