3 Gates to Inspire Your Halloween Decorations This Year!

II Halloween Blog Post.jpg

As Halloween approaches, many people are going to spending this weekend decorating for the impending holiday. Carving pumpkins, putting up spider webs, buying candy, making treats and probably pinteresting a few things while you’re at it. And, as everyone is running around, there is always a part of us that wants to make our house “the best on the block” right? You’ve always wanted to deck out the front yard and make it that place that makes all the kids that walk by go “Whoa!!”. So, to help you finally be able to do that, while spending less money and, leveraging what you already have, we wanted to share a few pictures that we have found of awesome outdoor Halloween decoration ideas that you can implement using your Iron Gate to make your house look awesome this Halloween.

Skeleton on Gate.png

This first one is very simple, which is exactly why we wanted to share it. There are so many ways to be able to add some creativity to your front yard, get the kids excited and have some fun without needing to go all out and spend hours and even hundreds of dollars on decorations. We’ve seen many different examples this year of people using these plastic skeletons to create animated scenes in front of their house. Some have gone as elaborate as staging a skeleton invasion where they are climbing up the side of their house and others, like this one, have opted for the simple solution of a skeleton climbing over their fence or out of a trashcan. Whichever you prefer, using these skeletons is a great way to add some fun to your front yard this Halloween!

Spiders on Gate.png

Next, we have a gate that is a bit more elaborate. These iron gate owners decided to opt into the all so common spider decorations. It's a bit less scary, but creepy none the less. Just looking at these scenes makes people's skin crawl at just the thought of spiders. I’m sure this didn't take much more time than the skeleton, but whenever you break out the spider webs, you know that you are in for at least a few hours of work. Especially here where if you look closely you can see that they added a bunch of smaller spiders to keep this monstrosity company. This is a great idea, however, to add some fun to your front gate this year, especially if you have it open for the trick-or-treaters who will have to walk through the corridor of giant spiders to get to your house. You’ll get a lot of appreciation for it I’m sure!

Dementa's on fence.png

Lastly, we have this ghoulish gate where the owners have obviously put some DIY time into this one to create these creatures. This gate is the most complicated of the three options we’ve shown you but they have excellent curb appeal and we think is an awesome use of this solid iron gate. The spider webs, the strange shadows and the spider which you can see a bit off to the side would make a for a great scare as the neighborhood comes through the gate to get their candy. This one may take a bit more work, but would definitely be worth it to be considered “that” house that always has the great decorations!

Overall, we hope that you were able to pull some inspiration from these festive gates and make the front of your house especially scary this Halloween. To leave you with a few tips to make sure that you can wow as many of the trick-or-treaters as possible, put up some fun, family friendly decorations and make sure that you give the full sized candy bars. Do that, and you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood for years to come.

Happy Halloween from the Irish Iron Crew!